Monday, July 19, 2010

Look at Me is up and running happily!

Yay, that is quite great, right?

So, please visit

Look at Me, the confessions of an obsessive compulsive workaholic.

And enjoy. I apologize if it's bad! I'll try harder every week XD!

For now it's being updated daily or almost daily, but soon it will turn to a two day update kind of thing! YAY!

Best, best, best!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Look at Me, web-comic pre-release.

Oh Mr Crumbles, leaving all the crumbs, getting obsessed over petty things. Yes, yes, I know, crumbs are horrible and messy. But what can you do, Mr Crumbles, it is in your nature...


As we find ourselves in the age of androgyny, where the sex roles have become as unstable as Windows Vista, some become prisoners of a hyper-visual, hyper-consumerist, hyper- vane society. And they choose to disappear, denying their nature.

Futile or fertile?

Photoshop + Cintiq + 30 min of spare time = a happy illustrator.