Monday, June 21, 2010

Eye Level Review - first public display.

This is great, yet terrifying. My work is being exposed publicly in Gastown, at Cambie and West Cordova. It is quite a project, involving several artists, some of them homeless, some street graffiti masters. All of us with our own vision, our own discourse, but with a common goal of intervening public space, cheering the crowd. The project was conceptualized by Andrew Owen, a crazy, amazing guy from Toronto. Definitely check out his site, just wow.

The piece I made for the entry is called "Offseted Cloud Dissipation No1" and implies several stages of creation:

a) First I animated the clouds dissipating, I scanned in the animation and I devided the frames in 9 pieces. Every piece was printed separately and assembled into a huge stencil.

b) Then white paint was applied

c) Then orange

d) For five times in a row.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A great project I am working on right now, a documentary based on the life of Agah Bahari, his struggles in Iran and how he struggled as a musician during the rise of the regime. I am in charge of the animation piece that tells some of the childhood stories.

Here are some first concept art and character designs. The design is based on the image of Gilgamesh and the ancient Babylonian imagery, as well as the puppet aesthetics, those are slightly easier to work with in Flash, in which the animation is going to be produced.