Sunday, May 2, 2010

Untamable Matter

In a surrealistic display an enigmatic performer, The Creator, reveals the audience the conception of thought and image by manipulating time in the world of animation. My final project at VFS is a questioning of the media in which the film was created, as well as a tribute to animation, therefore it plays with timing and movement not only on a conceptual level, but also on a technical one.

Without the human mind, time stops, sec, minutes, frames do not exist. Time is a variable that partly defines our entire cosmovision, controlling it would mean control our surrounding. Controlling it would mean controlling past, present, future. This could sound impossible, meanwhile, the true deconstruction of the 4th dimension already exists. Animation breaks down time into drawings, into symbols, into arcs, freezing and capturing 1/24th of a one second movement. Obtaining that, creating that means, at least for me, regaining time at human's service. "Untamable Matter" is just a humble attempt to portray these fascinating qualities.

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  1. Very nice, you should make a feature film..