Monday, June 21, 2010

Eye Level Review - first public display.

This is great, yet terrifying. My work is being exposed publicly in Gastown, at Cambie and West Cordova. It is quite a project, involving several artists, some of them homeless, some street graffiti masters. All of us with our own vision, our own discourse, but with a common goal of intervening public space, cheering the crowd. The project was conceptualized by Andrew Owen, a crazy, amazing guy from Toronto. Definitely check out his site, just wow.

The piece I made for the entry is called "Offseted Cloud Dissipation No1" and implies several stages of creation:

a) First I animated the clouds dissipating, I scanned in the animation and I devided the frames in 9 pieces. Every piece was printed separately and assembled into a huge stencil.

b) Then white paint was applied

c) Then orange

d) For five times in a row.


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